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Hand extruder for pasta - Torchio Bigolaro - € 270,00

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Available in
20/25 working days

Available in
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20/25 working days

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The hand extruder, also called "Torchio" or "Bigolaro", is a traditional Italian tool to make fresh handmade pasta of various shapes.
There are 5 different models available with different capacities, each one equipped with two standard dies: spaghetti (bigoli) 2,5mm and rigatoni (gargati) 6mm.
The Torchio is supplied without screws; the screws are included only with the purchase of the optional bench.


- Dies for tagliolini 3mm, tagliatelle 7mm e bucatini 3,7mm (the latter available only for 8° and B models).


5°: Pasta capacity 0,40 Kg - Weight 4,10 Kg
6°: Pasta capacity 0,48 Kg - Weight 4,70 Kg
7°: Pasta capacity 0,54 Kg - Weight 5,60 Kg
8°: Pasta capacity 0,70 Kg - Weight 6,30 Kg
B:  Pasta capacity 0,48 Kg - Weight 5,00 Kg (same capacity as model 6° but the die is inserted from below by unscrewing the ring nut)