Second hand
Vibrating distributor - Dominioni

Oscillating table made of non-stick AISI 304 stainless steel embossed sheet, with oblique and inclin[...]

Second hand
Shaker TRB 300 - Dominioni

TRB 300 shaker from Dominioni, useful for the treatment and pre-wrapping of short pasta and gnocchi.[...]

Second hand
Vertical packaging machine Brava 1000 - Sabalpack

The Brava 1000 packaging machine has the capacity of bagging 900 bags per hour. It packs both the fr[...]

Second hand

Press Pavan P400 built in 1989 Nest forming unit Predryer with plastic tubes for 12 nests Dryer TR 5[...]

Second hand
Pasteurizer IG 50 gas - Italpast

Pasteurizer IG 50 gas - Italpast, made in 2001.SPECIFICATIONS:- Water tank: 35 l - Water consum[...]

Second hand
La Parmigiana C101 press

La Parmigiana C101 double vat press, new, never used. The extrusion cylinder has a double chamb[...]

Second hand
Gnocchi machine D4 - OFFICINA DEA

Gnocchi machine D4 - OFFICINA DEA, made in 2007.SPECIFICATIONS:- Hourly production: 120 Kg - Vo[...]

Second hand
Artisan pasta production plant

Complete artisan pasta production plant:- Machine for Pasta Monferrina Mod.P2 Pleasure, with a 12lt [...]

Second hand
Cobra Braibanti extruder, trabatto and dies

Braibanti Cobra extruder, reconditioned in 2017.In operation with 2-way trabatto and dies included, [...]

Second hand
Automatic packaging line for nests and short pasta

Complete automatic line for the packaging of short pasta and nests.Complete of:- Interlocking tray f[...]

Second hand
Sheeter 250mm

Sheeter with a sheet width of 250mm, the upper tank of large size stainless steel is suitable to rec[...]

Second hand
Double sheeter ravioli machine 150S - Italgi

Double Sheet Ravioli Machine 150S - Italgi made in 2003.ACCESSORIES:- User guide - Mold for round n&[...]

Second hand

Short cut Braibanti 1000 Kg/h line including:- Braibanti Cobra press - Trabatto - Kellermeier univer[...]

Second hand
Sabalpack packing machine

Sabalpack vertical packaging machine with 3 square bottom forming tubes.A clipper is mounted on the [...]

Second hand
Cappelletti machine mod. FA5 40

Cappelletti machine mod. FA 540 from Pasta technologies group with 1 mold. The machine is supplied w[...]

Second hand
Fresh pasta laboratory

- Semi-automatic orecchiette machine from Toresani (missing the label), three-phase motor, equipped [...]

Second hand
Fresh pasta production line: lasagne, cannelloni, tagliatelle, stuffed pasta

Fresh pasta production line: Lasagne, cannelloni, tagliatelle, stuffed pasta. The line consists of:[...]

Second hand
Inclined packaging machine Imasezzadio

Automatic packaging machine which produces packs with 3 welds of various shapes and sizes, starting [...]

Second hand
Automatic cutter TA160 - Aldo Cozzi

Automatic cutter TA160 - Aldo Cozzi, made in 2012. Almost new machine with only a few hours of work.[...]

Second hand
Complete packaging line with double doser weight

Packaging line consisting of: - Loading hopper from the ground - Elevator belt - Vibrating feeder[...]

Second hand
Full automatic short cut pasta line 400 kg/h

Complete short cut pasta line with continuous system as full automatic.Materials included with the o[...]

Second hand

Short pasta line complete with press, trabatto and 3 static dryers. Accessories included: - Vacuum [...]

Second hand
Cappelletti machine Dominioni D250N

Dominioni D250N machine for the production of ravioli, cappelletti, one-sheet tortelloni, particular[...]

Second hand
Automatic dough sheeter A250F - Dominioni

The Dominioni A250F automatic dough sheeter is a machine suitable for automating, renewing and makin[...]

Second hand
Shaker Dominioni 300Kg/h

2001 shaker for the pre-drying of pasta, in stainless steel, brand Dominioni. To be restored (withou[...]

Second hand
Gnocchi machine F4 - Dominioni

Gnocchi machine completely built in stainless steel, with production of about 120kg / h, 4 holes. Th[...]

Second hand
Heatshrink packaging machine - Tecnopack

Heatshrink packaging machine for trays with separate tunnels and internal tape.

Second hand
Automatic weigher Vibrocell BEM

Automatic weigher Vibrocell BEM.SPECIFICATIONS:- Weight reset by external contact or keyboard - Unit[...]

Second hand
Double sheet ravioli machine RS250 - Dominioni

Ravioli machine for the production of double sheet ravioli, with different interchangeable molds and[...]

Second hand

Line for 1000kg/h long pasta composed of Braibanti press + Fava dryer.The line is completely recondi[...]

Second hand
Cappelletti and ravioli machine D140 - Dominioni

Cappelletti and ravioli machine D140 - Dominioni made in 1989. Hardly used after the overhaul in 201[...]

Second hand
Kneading 30 Kg machine - Cuppone Teigmaschine Silea

Kneading 30 Kg machine built entirely in stainless steel. Suitable for pizzerias, bakeries or pastry[...]

Second hand
Sabalpack Packing Machine

SABALPACK "BRAVA 1000" Vertical Packaging Machine, Year 2003.The packaging machine has the capacity [...]

Second hand
Automatic vacuum gas heat sealing machine - Reepack mod. Reeflex

Automatic vacuum gas heat sealing machine, Reepack mod. Reeflex, for fresh pasta, meat etc. Capacit[...]

Second hand
Pasta Dryer RF750 - Italpast

Italpast RF750 pasta dryer designed for continuous and automatic lines for short pasta, previously u[...]

Second hand
Complete set of machineries for pasta production

Complete set of machineries for pasta production:- Double sheet ravioli machine RSM170 - OFFICINA DE[...]

Second hand
Double vat pasta sheeter 160DV 25/20 - Italpast

Double vat pasta sheeter 160DV 25/20 - Italpast, made in 1997.ACCESSORIES:- Pasta sheet cutterSPECIF[...]

Second hand

One-layer cooler made of stainless steel, AISI304 stainless steel paneling, easy to open for inspect[...]

Second hand
Ravioli machine RS250 - IMA

I sell RS250 IMA ravioli machine as new, used only 1 month. This machine is foreseen to produce agn[...]

Second hand
Automatic machine for typical regional formats CV4 - Pama Roma

Automatic machine of Pama Roma for typical regional formats of 2010, as new, model CV4, including fo[...]