Automatic vacuum gas heat sealing machine - Reepack mod. Reeflex
Second hand

Automatic vacuum gas heat sealing machine, Reepack mod. Reeflex, for fresh pasta, meat etc. Capacit[...]

Industrial blast chiller Hitec
Second hand

Industrial blast chiller Hitec with electric defrosting.SPECIFICATIONS:- Refrigerant gas: R404 - Ext[...]

Combined machine A160R
Second hand

Combined machine for the production of ravioli, laminated pasta, tagliatelle of different sizes and [...]

Automatic weigher Vibrocell BEM
Second hand

Automatic weigher Vibrocell BEM.SPECIFICATIONS:- Weight reset by external contact or keyboard - Unit[...]

PAVAN head 380 mm
Second hand

Complete head with hydraulic system to seal up the die 380 mmThere is a long pasta head 1500 mm incl[...]

Gnocchi machine D4 - OFFICINA DEA
Second hand

Gnocchi machine D4 - OFFICINA DEA, made in 2007.SPECIFICATIONS:- Hourly production: 120 Kg - Vo[...]

Gnocchi machine GN4
Second hand

GN4 gnocchi machine, with stainless steel structure.Weight: 105 Kg Production: 110 Kg/h

Ravioli machine RS250 - IMA
Second hand

I sell RS250 IMA ravioli machine as new, used only 1 month. This machine is foreseen to produce agn[...]

Complete pasta production line Rolmark 600 kg/h
Second hand
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Complete pasta factory 500-600 kg/h. Line Rolmark, solid like Buhler or Pavan. Machines in very good[...]

Long pasta cooler - Sarp mod. Srn6081-g
Second hand
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One-layer cooler made of stainless steel, AISI304 stainless steel paneling, easy to open for inspect[...]

Short cut pasta line Braibanti Kellermeier 1000kg/h
Second hand
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Short cut Braibanti 1000 Kg/h line including:- Braibanti Cobra press - Trabatto - Kellermeier univer[...]

Kneader Conti 48L
Second hand

Spiral kneader Conti SP-40 (used one year and three months)cm 49x89x132 Dough capacity: 40kg Capacit[...]

Bell vacuum machine with inert gas VG 800 - Lavezzini
Second hand

Bell vacuum machine with inert gas VG 800 - Lavezzini, made in 2013, hardly used with only 10 hours [...]

Pasteurizer 100kg/h
Second hand

Pasteurizer of 100/130 kg per hour of Labronica Ricerche Industriali sas. 2 gas boilers, complete wi[...]

Short cut pasta line 500 Kg - Braibanti
Second hand
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500 kg/h short pasta line - Braibanti composed of:- Press with two heads 300 mm- Trabatto- 6m wrappi[...]

Fresh pasta laboratory
Second hand

- Semi-automatic orecchiette machine from Toresani (missing the label), three-phase motor, equipped [...]

Stainless steel boiler with gas focus
Second hand

Stainless steel boiler with gas focus.Volume: 510 liters Dimensions: 1) Focus support: cm 86x70x40h [...]

PAVAN head 320 mm
Second hand

Pavan head short cut pasta presses for dies 320 mm

Pasteurizer 500 kg/h
Second hand

Stainless steel construction with lifting cover (lid) using electric motors. The lid is insulated fr[...]

Shaker Dominioni 300Kg/h
Second hand

2001 shaker for the pre-drying of pasta, in stainless steel, brand Dominioni. To be restored (withou[...]

Pasta sheeter A500 - Dominioni
Second hand

Pasta sheeter of the company Dominioni, model A500. The side rails can be opened for better cleaning[...]

Trabatto for pasta TP 100 - Italpast
Second hand

Trabatto for pasta TP 100 - Italpast, made in 1999.SPECIFICATIONS:- 5 vibrating floors - Hourly prod[...]

Automatic sheeter and ravioli machine Futura Evolution 160
Second hand

Automatic sheeter and ravioli machine, patented for the production of any type of pasta. It can prod[...]

La Parmigiana D55
Second hand
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Press mod.D55 LA PARMIGIANA 20-25 kg/h complete with:- 5 bronze dies (new: gnocchi - paccheri - case[...]

Static sterilizer IANNECE with one trolley 100 Kg
Second hand

Static sterilizer IANNECE with one trolley, regular documents and certificate of conformity.In [...]

Bell vacuum machine Cryovac Grace 90nd
Second hand

Revised in January 2016. New pump, 2 years warranty. Ready for use. TECHNICAL DATA: Functional[...]

Long cut pasta line BRAIBANTI 650/700 kg/h
Second hand
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- Press Cobra 800/L - Coater double Braibanti to 2m barrels - Drying tunnel type Gpl/ATR-P/5PV/200[...]

Spiral kneader 85L - Fuerpla
Second hand

Spiral kneader 85L - Fuerpla. To replace only a gasket due to a small loss of oil.SPECIFICATIONS:- D[...]

Sabalpack Packing Machine
Second hand

SABALPACK "BRAVA 1000" Vertical Packaging Machine, Year 2003.The packaging machine has the capacity [...]

Pavan press P400
Second hand

- Fully automatic Vacuum press PAVAN P400 - Dosage flour and water - Premixer - Main mixer - Coo[...]

Pasta Sheeter 350 Kg/h - IMA
Second hand

Pasta Sheeter branded Ima Sheet width: 500mm Thickness: 5mm The machine is "working" but there[...]

Automatic packaging line for nests and short pasta
Second hand

Complete automatic line for the packaging of short pasta and nests.Complete of:- Interlocking tray f[...]

Cappelletti and ravioli machine D140 - Dominioni
Second hand

Cappelletti and ravioli machine D140 - Dominioni made in 1989. Hardly used after the overhaul in 201[...]

Cobra Braibanti extruder, trabatto and dies
Second hand

Braibanti Cobra extruder, reconditioned in 2017.In operation with 2-way trabatto and dies included, [...]

Avancini RV50 Ravioli machine - 50Kg/h
Second hand

Avancini RV50 Ravioli machine complete of: - cart - mould for square Ravioli 4,5x4,5 cm - mould f[...]

Dominioni F240 combined machine for ravioli and tagliatelle
Second hand
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Out of business, Dominioni F240 combined machine of 2005 with rough calibrating roller. In excellent[...]

Pasta sheeter 610mm - Torresani
Second hand

Torresani 610 mm sheeter. Hourly production: 400/500 kg.Equipped with 2 inverters. Bottom exit, with[...]

Complete packaging line with double doser weight
Second hand

Packaging line consisting of: - Loading hopper from the ground - Elevator belt - Vibrating feeder[...]

Short cut pasta line 1000kg/h - Pavan/Braibanti
Second hand
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Short cut pasta line 1000kg/h Pavan-Braibanti, refurbished in 2008.Line composed by: - Pavan press w[...]

Double sheeter ravioli machine 150S - Italgi
Second hand

Double Sheet Ravioli Machine 150S - Italgi made in 2003.ACCESSORIES:- User guide - Mold for round n&[...]