Long pasta cooler - Sarp mod. Srn6081-g
Second hand

One-layer cooler made of stainless steel, AISI304 stainless steel paneling, easy to open for inspect[...]

Inclined packaging machine Imasezzadio
Second hand 18.850,00 

Automatic packaging machine which produces packs with 3 welds of various shapes and sizes, starting [...]

Static sterilizer IANNECE with one trolley 100 Kg
Second hand 4.725,00 

Static sterilizer IANNECE with one trolley, regular documents and certificate of conformity.In [...]

Automatic kneading machine 200 kg/h Macri - Braibanti
Second hand

Short pasta line complete with press, trabatto and 3 static dryers. Accessories included: - Vacuum [...]

Double sheet ravioli forming machine model A/540 - Agnelli
Second hand 8.100,00 

Double sheet forming machine, machine for large productions To be reviewed Model: A / 540 Sheet[...]

Automatic cutter TA160 - Aldo Cozzi
Second hand 7.400,00 

Automatic cutter TA160 - Aldo Cozzi, made in 2012. Almost new machine with only a few hours of work.[...]

Ravioli Machine RS160
Second hand 11.070,00 

Double sheet ravioli machine RS160.Completely made in stainless steel and aluminium, this machine pr[...]

Double sheet ravioli machine fadv300
Second hand 10.935,00 

Double sheet ravioli machine from Pasta technologies model fadv300. Supplied with 3 molds (heart, ha[...]

Trays Stacker Nuovasipla EP200
Second hand 13.365,00 

Trays Stacker produced by Nuovasipla model EP200 with adjustable speed in painted steel max capacit[...]

Automatic sheeter and ravioli machine Futura Evolution 160
Second hand 14.300,00 

Automatic sheeter and ravioli machine, patented for the production of any type of pasta. It can prod[...]

Double sheeter ravioli machine 150S - Italgi
Second hand 9.300,00 

Double Sheet Ravioli Machine 150S - Italgi made in 2003.ACCESSORIES:- User guide - Mold for round n&[...]

Gnocchi machine D4 - OFFICINA DEA
Second hand 4.200,00 

Gnocchi machine D4 - OFFICINA DEA, made in 2007.SPECIFICATIONS:- Hourly production: 120 Kg - Vo[...]

Sheeter 250mm
Second hand 3.645,00 

Sheeter with a sheet width of 250mm, the upper tank of large size stainless steel is suitable to rec[...]

Automatic weigher Vibrocell BEM
Second hand 7.000,00 

Automatic weigher Vibrocell BEM.SPECIFICATIONS:- Weight reset by external contact or keyboard - Unit[...]

Dryer Ess400
Second hand 14.300,00 

Dryer that allows the wrapping, pre-packaging and drying of short, long and stuffed pasta, as well a[...]

PAVAN head 380 mm
Second hand 2.700,00 

Complete head with hydraulic system to seal up the die 380 mmThere is a long pasta head 1500 mm incl[...]

Gnocchi machine GN4
Second hand 3.375,00 

GN4 gnocchi machine, with stainless steel structure.Weight: 105 Kg Production: 110 Kg/h

Double vat pasta sheeter 160DV 25/20 - Italpast
Second hand 19.643,00 

Double vat pasta sheeter 160DV 25/20 - Italpast, made in 1997.ACCESSORIES:- Pasta sheet cutterSPECIF[...]

Gastronomy equipment/fresh pasta production
Second hand 3.645,00 

Ex gastronomy equipment, only all in the block. Used for fresh pasta production, all powered 380V, r[...]

Trabatto for pasta TP 100 - Italpast
Second hand 8.200,00 

Trabatto for pasta TP 100 - Italpast, made in 1999.SPECIFICATIONS:- 5 vibrating floors - Hourly prod[...]

Artisan pasta production plant
Second hand 33.625,00 

Complete artisan pasta production plant:- Machine for Pasta Monferrina Mod.P2 Pleasure, with a 12lt [...]

PAVAN press 400 kg/h
Second hand 69.000,00 

Pasta Press Pavan FPT 130 /320. Capacity: 400 kg/h Screw: 130 mm Die: 320 mm Penne cutter Total[...]

Industrial blast chiller Hitec
Second hand 15.000,00 

Industrial blast chiller Hitec with electric defrosting.SPECIFICATIONS:- Refrigerant gas: R404 - Ext[...]

Short cut pasta line 500 Kg - Braibanti
Second hand

500 kg/h short pasta line - Braibanti composed of:- Press with two heads 300 mm- Trabatto- 6m wrappi[...]

Cappelletti machine mod. D160 - Dominioni
Second hand 13.498,65 

Machine particularly suitable for the production of stuffed pasta stuffed with meat fillings, can al[...]

Complete drying equipment
Second hand 72.450,00 

Complete drying equipment composed of:- Frame warehouse movement- Feeder with storage  sieves- [...]

Cappelletti machine Dominioni D250N
Second hand 15.210,00 

Dominioni D250N machine for the production of ravioli, cappelletti, one-sheet tortelloni, particular[...]

Double sheet ravioli machine RSM170 - OFFICINA DEA
Second hand 15.000,00 

Double sheet ravioli machine RSM170 - OFFICINA DEA, made in 2011, with only a few hours of work.ACCE[...]