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Cookie policy

What are cookies

Cookies are small text files that the server sends to the user's computer.
They can be stored on your computer and used to improve and personalize your browsing but also to provide relevant information during future site visits.

Type of cookies

The cookies used are distinguished in four macro areas described below.

Technical cookies

Strictly necessary to operate the website and to provide the service offered and requested by the user.

Profiling cookies

Used to create user profiles based on their choices and preferences, in order to send advertising messages in line with the profile created.

Cookies for marketing / retargeting

They are used by third-party companies to allow the display of banners on external affiliated sites. The products presented will be similar to those already observed on this site.

Cookies used by this site

This site uses only technical cookies used to collect anonymous information on user navigation through Google Analytics. Other technical cookies are used for the preference of the language of the navigation interface. For third-party cookies related to any elements integrated into the site, consult the privacy policy.

Cookie cancellation

Internet browsers usually accept cookies automatically, in any case it is always possible to disable this feature and remove cookies at any time through browser settings.
The modes differ from the type and version of the browser, so we recommend referring to the manual or to the specific help screen of your program.

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