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Delivery time:

The new machines are usually entrusted to the carrier within 20/25 days from the receipt of payment. The delivery with TNT normally vary from 5 days to Europe up to 20 working days for deliveries outside the EU. In case of special requests as special dies, custom molds or any other need that requires a processing time extraordinary, it will always be notified in advance the timing on the offer. When your order will leave our warehouses you will receive an email from TNT with directions to check the status of transit.

Shipping costs:

Shipping costs are determined according to the weight and the total volume of equipment that has to be sent. To make a shipping quote we must first know the number of accessories that you want to buy with the machine to give us a way to estimate the type, size and the weighs of the packaging that we're going to use. It is assumed that the packaging of a pasta machine with only one extruder weighs much less than a machine with a cutter, ten dies and the trolley; that's why we need to outline your request in order to offer you a proper cost of shipments.


Weights and Dimensions:

For Standard shipments that weight about up to 300 kg and 150cm of size, we ship worldwide by courier with a reduced rate due to the high number of shipments made daily. For exceptional shipments or with container we need to evaluate time to time, the most convenient solution.


Insured shipments:

All shipments by Lineapasta are insured unless it is specifically requested the exclusion. Although shipments are handled with great care, circumstances beyond our control, may occasionally occur and hit the goods. The insurance guarantees you a refund of the shipment in case of loss or damage. If the delivery of the good you notice that the package is damaged sign the bill of the courier and write beside the following sentence "I accepted with reserve:" EXAMPLE:" I accept with reserve: packaging wet" or "I accepted with reserve: Packaging broken" or still "I accepted with reserve: damaged packaging in a corner". Only the goods purchased with insurance and accepted with a motivated reserved will be repaired or replaced in case it proves damaged. All the goods rejected, or not accepted with a motivated reserve will not be replaced or repaired.


Manage the pick up by yourself:

If you consider that our delivery offer, for any reason, it is not satisfactory or simply you prefer manage your pick p by yourself, Lineapasta allows you to manage your pick up as you prefer using your trusted courier and taking your purchase directly from our warehouses.

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