Pasteurizer for pasta PSE40 electric

The PSE40 electric pasteurizer for pasta allows to increase the duration of fresh pasta in a simple [...]

Available in 20/25 working days

The pasteurizer for pasta PS100 allows to pasteurize up to 100Kg/h of fresh pasta and to increase th[...]

Available in 20/25 working days
Pasteurizer IG 50 gas - Italpast
Second hand

Pasteurizer IG 50 gas - Italpast, made in 2001.SPECIFICATIONS:- Water tank: 35 l - Water consum[...]

Pasteurizer 100kg/h
Second hand

Pasteurizer of 100/130 kg per hour of Labronica Ricerche Industriali sas. 2 gas boilers, complete wi[...]

Pasteurizer 500 kg/h
Second hand

Stainless steel construction with lifting cover (lid) using electric motors. The lid is insulated fr[...]