Second hand
Fresh pasta laboratory

- Semi-automatic orecchiette machine from Toresani (missing the label), three-phase motor, equipped [...]

Second hand
Fresh pasta production line: lasagne, cannelloni, tagliatelle, stuffed pasta

Fresh pasta production line: Lasagne, cannelloni, tagliatelle, stuffed pasta. The line consists of:[...]

Second hand
Artisan pasta production plant

Complete artisan pasta production plant:- Machine for Pasta Monferrina Mod.P2 Pleasure, with a 12lt [...]

Second hand
Complete set of machineries for pasta fresh production

Small pasta factory still producing want to sell all machineries as follow: 1) Gnocchi machine [...]

Second hand
Complete set of machineries for pasta production

Complete set of machineries for pasta production:- Double sheet ravioli machine RSM170 - OFFICINA DE[...]

Second hand
Full automatic short cut pasta line 400 kg/h

Complete short cut pasta line with continuous system as full automatic.Materials included with the o[...]