PAVAN head 320 mm
Second hand

Pavan head short cut pasta presses for dies 320 mm

PAVAN head 380 mm
Second hand

Complete head with hydraulic system to seal up the die 380 mmThere is a long pasta head 1500 mm incl[...]

Pasta Sheeter 350 Kg/h - IMA
Second hand

Pasta Sheeter branded Ima Sheet width: 500mm Thickness: 5mm The machine is "working" but there[...]

Spaghetti rotator Martini
Second hand

Spaghetti rotator produced by Martini in 2008, suitable for collecting the spaghetti from the stick [...]

Trays Stacker Nuovasipla EP200
Second hand

Trays Stacker produced by Nuovasipla model EP200 with adjustable speed in painted steel max capacit[...]

Dryer and pre-dryer - Kellermeier
Second hand

The Kellermeier dryer has the option of drying continuously or statically. It has a capacity of 5 to[...]