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Bottene PM 96 is a strong pasta machine, practical and simple to use.
It is possible to produce various types of fresh pasta with any type of flour, with or without eggs and even coloured pasta: red with tomato, green with spinach, brown with cocoa etc.
It is economic because it allows you to dose with pleasure the ingredients and you can offer the very high quality of fresh pasta at the same cost of normal dry pasta.

Construction of PM96 is of highest quality materials, complying with all safety standards.
Auger and mixer removable for an easy cleaning.

Each machine comes complete with 4 standard dies, cutter system for short pasta, stand with fan water cooling sleeve.


- Mixing hopper capacity: 12 Kg
- Production of pasta : 25/30 Kg/h
- Dimensions: cm 50 x 72 x 135 h
- Weight: 140 Kg
- Motor: 1.5 KW

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