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Stamping machine for the production of stamped pasta "Bologna-style" from one 600 mm wide dough-sheet:

VH/600 is usually joined to presses or chains of kneaded pasta with capacities up to 500 kg/h, in case of single head presses, or up to 1000 kg/h in case of double-head presses; its capacity, depending on the selected shape, can achieve 480 kg/h of dry product (referred to shape 106/B).

Main characteristic of the design VH/600 is its handy yet sturdy structure.

HANDY because it is generally necessary – owing to the typology of the pasta factories where it is installed – to move the machine once the production is over.

STURDY because it is required to operate at very high speed (up to 510 rpm) and in three shifts.

For the VH/600 too, thanks to the DYNAMIC BALANCE of all moving parts, an almost total absence of vibrations has been achieved.

Thanks to the perfect dimensioning of the CALIBRATING UNIT it is possible to operate both with a thick dough-sheet (for shapes "home-made style") or with very thin dough-sheets to obtain shapes with short cooking time.
Adjustment of thickness is made either manually or automatically through keyed in recipes and actuated by independent motorizations under encoder control.

To realize special shapes (such as grooved or reeded or with particular makings) the machine VH/600 can be optionally equipped with a third CALIBRATION CYLINDER that – installed on suitable sliding guides – makes it possible to change from a flat shape to a grooved one in a very short time.

The perfect closing of "farfalle" throughout the whole width of mould is granted thanks to an ELASTIC CONTROL SYSTEM FOR FINGER UNIT of mould, with two upper and two lower thrust points. Said unit is equipped with a mechanic safety system, which has been calibrated at its maximum predetermined load so as to prevent the Stamping machine from possible overloads caused, for example, by foreign bodies in the fingers or wrong adjustments.

Motion of SHEARING SECTION through sturdy cam shaft; this section is kept under steady lubrication through forced oil system and filtering process, fed by pump.

Thanks to this lubrication system, the bearings of the shearing beam are steadily covered with a film of oil, thus granting a very long life even at high speed and under heavy shift-work.

Is equipped with an additional motion intake to allow installation of "squares" or "noodles" unit.

Scraps coming from shearing of dough-sheet are conveyed to the cutting device, which, in synchronization with dough-sheet movement, cuts them longitudinally in order to further reduce their dimension before reaching the press.


Width: 1200mm
Length: 1200mm
Height: 1400mm
Weight: 1230 Kg
Power: 6 KW
Production Rpm: 110-500
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