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Fresh pasta machine PV 4 - € 2.570,00

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The PV 4 is a machine for fresh pasta of medium production recommended for restaurants, cottages, pizzerias, gastronomys and sales and tasting of fresh pasta.
Its operation is simple and efficient: it is equipped with an automated production system that mixes all types of flours and semolina with or without eggs, gluten-free and special flours in a few minutes and thanks to the rotary pasta cutter you can produce pasta in different types and formed according to the inserted die.
It is also equipped with a water cooling system that ensures a constant extrusion temperature and a ventilation system that allows to dry superficially the extruded pasta.

The mixing vat can contain up to 4 kg of dough (solid + liquid) and is equipped with a spiral bronze screw that ensures the extrusion of a perfectly blended and homogeneous dough.
The machine includes a bronze die for spaghetti 1.5mm; any additional dies can be purchased separately.

The machine is particularly robust, with all stainless steel mechanics and a reducer body connected directly to the chain to reduce potential breakages and make the machine more reliable: it allows an easy and quick cleaning because the screw and the shaft, in bronze/aluminium, can be easily removed.
Model built according to national and international accident prevention regulations. It is equipped with a control panel and complies with the accident prevention regulations in force.



- Stainless steel structure and painted iron
- Stainless vat welded inside
- Bronze/alluminium screw
- Water cooling system
- Pasta drying fan



- Dies in brass/bronze alloy for the production of pasta depending on the chosen format 
- Electronic cutter that allows to automatically cut the short cut extruded pasta from the machine so it automates the production's process
- Stainless steel pasta trolley(pasta trays not included)
- Perforated pasta tray



Power: 0,75 kW 
Power: 220V/50Hz 1ph - 380V/50Hz 3ph - 220V/60Hz 1ph - 220V/60Hz 3ph
Vat Capacity: 4 Kg
Extrusion speed: 12-18 Kg/h
Productivity: 6-9 Kg/h
Die's diameter: Ø 73 mm
Dimensions: mm 600x350x600h
Net Weight: 58 Kg

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