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The chamber vacuum packer CAM TOP enables to prolong pasta preservation times, keeping intact its organoleptic characteristics and shape, and preventing the proliferation of bacteria thanks to the modified atmosphere function.
The CAM TOP with modified atmosphere does not work with vacuum (which goes to crush and damage fresh pasta), but replaces the air inside the bag with a mixture of nitrogen and carbon dioxide (usually in proportion 30%-70%) which allows a considerable increase in product shelf life.

The CAM TOP is equipped with:

- Stainless steel structure
- Bowl with rounded corners
- Plexiglass lid with automatic opening at the end of the cycle
- LCD control panel with 20 storable programs
- Oil cleaning function in the pump and soft air function
- Piston sealing system with removable sealing bar without cables
- Provision for inert gas injection (modified atmosphere)
- Busch pump (made in Germany)
- Step vac and extra vacuum functions



- Power: 0,75 kW (1 HP)
- Voltage: 230V/50Hz 1Ph - 230V/60Hz 1Ph
- Sealing bar: 300 mm
- Vacuum pump: 8 m³/h
- Bowl dimensions: mm 310x350x190h
- Max vacuum: 98%
- Dimensions: mm 410x460x430h
- Net weight: 38 Kg
- Gross weight: 44 Kg
- Package dimensions: mm 470x550x680h
- Package volume: 0,176 m³



- Power: 1,1 kW (1,5 HP)
- Voltage: 230V/50Hz 1Ph - 230V/60Hz 1Ph
- Sealing bar: 400 mm
- Vacuum pump: 18 m³/h
- Bowl dimensions: mm 410x450x220h
- Max vacuum: 98%
- Dimensions: mm 510x560x450h
- Net weight: 60 Kg
- Gross weight: 67 Kg
- Package dimensions: mm 600x650x680h
- Package volume: 0,265 m³



- Power: 1,1 kW (1,5 HP)
- Voltage: 230V/50Hz 1Ph - 230V/60Hz 1Ph
- Sealing bar: 500 mm
- Vacuum pump: 20 m³/h
- Bowl dimensions: mm 520x520x220h
- Max vacuum: 98%
- Dimensions: mm 610x630x500h
- Net weight: 72 Kg
- Gross weight: 79 Kg
- Package dimensions: mm 700x700x720h
- Package volume: 0,353 m³



- Printer and keyboard
- Adhesive printer paper roll
- Additional sealing bar
- Non-standard bar configuration
- Smooth bags 90 µm in different sizes: cm 20x30 / 25x35 / 30x40 / 40x50
- Cooking smooth bags 90 µm in different sizes: cm 15x30 / 20x30 / 25x35 / 30x40 / 40x60 / 50x60

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