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The RS160 double-sheet ravioli machine with interchangeable moulds is designed for the production of already separated ravioli with soft fillings of meat, vegetables and cheese in different formats (square, round, half-round, triangular, fish, mushroom, flower, heart, etc.) .

The RS160 is complete with:

• Dough rollers with 55mm diameter
• Quick assembly of the mold in the ravioli machine
• Feeding of the filling with a system that allows the use of soft fillings
• Amount of filling adjustable during processing
• Conveyor belt to convey the finished product onto the baskets
• Wheeled structure, painting-free and equipped with safety devices in compliance with the laws in force



- Sheet width: 160mm
- Production: 40-50 Kg/h
- Filling container capacity: 3.5 kg
- Motor power: 1,8 kW

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