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Line for the production of 200 kg/h precooked pasta in continuous

Composed as follows:

- Press
- Inclined conveyor for loading vibrating channel cooker.
- Distributor vibrant, mod. dep 2500-30 used for the distribution of macaroni and similar products.
- Cooker continuous fresh pasta injection of saturated steam
- Shaker 3-step plans
- Dryer for pasta snapshot from 200 kg/hr
- 1 lift carpet in blue net
- Vibrating feeder 2000x1800
- 1 Dryer 5 floors
- Cooled single-storey

All measurements are approximate:
line length: 23 meters
line width: 3 meters
line height: 5 meters

Note: excluding food and formats Nuddle

Delivery time: 4 months
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