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- Condition: U s e d - Guarantee: 6 months warranty - Year of build: 1986 - More informations:
Not overhauled


Spaghetti production line Buhler, year of Manufacturing 1986, capacity 1100 kg/h dry on stick

comprising of:
- Double Screw Press TPAD-145/2000
- Spreader TSSA (2-stick spreader)
- 1st Dryer TDEC-1/3
- 2nd Dryer TDCA-3/4
- 3rd Dryer TDFC-5/5
- Cooler TDEK-1/2
- stripping & cutting machine TSTA
- stick stacker TAG-7/7
- E - Cabinet for TSTA and TAG
- stick return conveyor TAK
- E - Cabinet for Long Good Line complete
- approx. 5000 pcs. profile sticks
- 1 pcs. Spaghetti die incl. pre-die (pressure distribution die)
- cascade from TSTA (cutting machine) down to bucket elevator
- bucket elevator complete
feeding to 2 packaging machines
feeding to 1 manual packaging place

Line is in excellent condition.

- 2 pcs. Ricciarelli PES-O-MATIC G3 scale
- 2 pcs. Stiavelli TIPO SO-POLY packaging machine
each with one formate shoulder for 250 gr. bags
- cartoning machine Haro Höfliger Type SPB-S
- cartoning machine Haro Höfliger Type SPB-S
each with cell chain 2,75 inch

raw material feeding Press above dosing unit incl. cyclone and vertical
feeding pipe with sensors
regrinding incl. shradder fan with piping
cutting machine incl. cyclone and airlock
heating unit incl. heating distributor (manifold),
cutting at flow and return pipe connection
incl. all fittings belonging to the Line
vacuum central vacuum system
excl. vacuum pump
compressed air (I/P transformer) including cutting at inlet compressed air pipe (excl. air compressor)
cooling incl. circulation pump
excl. chiller
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