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Ventilated refrigerated double door cabinet with electric defrosting GN1410 available in GN1410TN and GN1410BT models, built in AISI 304 stainless steel. The evaporator is positioned retractable so as to have as much space as possible and the engine compartment is insulated. The temperature is controlled electronically by means of a digital thermostat, in addition an electrical resistance has been positioned around the door frame in order to eliminate condensation. The door is equipped with a return spring, it can be locked with a key and its gasket can be extracted without the help of special tools.
The cabinet is equipped with internal light and the bottom has rounded internal corners to facilitate cleaning.
The external bottom panels and the back are in galvanized sheet. The feet are in AISI 304 stainless steel and can be adjusted in height.



- Working temperature: -2°C / +8°C (TN) | -18°C / -22°C (BT)
- External dimensions: mm 1480x830x2010h
- Internal dimensions: mm 1360x685x1390h
- Capacity: 1325 L
- Maximum working temperature: +32°C, 55% HR
- Type of refrigeration: ventilated
- Type of defrost: electric
- Type of refrigerant gas: R290
- Condensate water evaporation: automatic
- Temperature control: electronic
- Insulation: 60 mm
- Absorption: 320 W (TN) - 730 W (BT)
- Voltage: 230V/50Hz 1Ph
- Internal light
- 6 grids + 6 pairs of guides supplied
- Energy class: C (TN) - D (BT)
- Net weight: 195 Kg (TN) - 208 Kg (BT)
- Gross weight: 219 Kg (TN) - 235 Kg (BT)
- Packaging dimensions: mm 1505x855x2180h


- Pair of guides for grill
- Plasticized grid
- Wheel kit Ø120mm (2 with brake)

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