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Imperia Electric - 60

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MilleGnocchi 42€
RavioliMaker 2 (5x5cm) 42€
RavioliMaker 3 (3x3cm) 42€
Cod. 275 Simplex Spaghetti 2mm 42.80€
Cod. 274 Simplex Capelli d'angelo 0,8mm 42.80€
Cod. 230 Simplex Capelli d'angelo 1,5mm 42.80€
Cod. 240 Simplex Tagliatelle 2mm 42.80€
Cod. 250 Simplex Trenette 4mm 42.80€
Cod. 260 Simplex Fettuccine 6,5mm 42.80€
Cod. 270 Simplex Lasagnette 12mm 42.80€
Cod. 273 Simplex Pappardelle 32mm 42.80€
Cod. 276 Simplex Reginette Lasagnette 12mm 42.80€
Cod. 277 Simplex Reginette Pappardelle 44mm 42.80€
Cod. 200 Duplex Capelli d'angelo 1mm/Trenette 3mm 42.8€
Cod. 205 Duplex Capelli d'angelo 1mm/Fettuccine 4mm 42.8€
Cod. 209 Duplex Capelli d'angelo 1mm/Lasagnette 5mm 42.8€
Cod. 209 Duplex Tagliatelle 2mm/Trenette 4mm 42.8€
Cod. 209 Duplex Tagliatelle 2mm/Fettuccine 6,5mm 42.8€
Cod. 209 Duplex Trenette 4mm/Lasagnette 12mm 42.8€
Cod. 209 Duplex Trenette 4mm/Spaghetti 2mm 42.8€
Cod. 209 Duplex Lasagnette 12mm/Spaghetti 2mm 42.8€
Cod. 209 Duplex Reginette 12mm/Reginette 44mm 42.8€


A complete set developed to make home-made pasta quickly and in large quantities.
The pack contains the Imperia machine for making the sheet in 6 different thicknesses, the Imperia Duplex cutter for 2 types of pasta, tagliatelle and fettuccine, the new Imperia PastaFacile motor (with the new Bracket-guide).
Imperia PastaFacile, connected on the pasta making machine allows you to work with both hands, making your work quicker and obtaining a homogeneous sheet due to the constant speed of the rollers.



- Simplex: single cutter
- Duplex: double cutter
- RavioliMaker 2 (n° 2 ravioli cm 5x5)
- RavioliMaker 3 (n° 3 ravioli cm 3x3)
- MilleGnocchi (cavatelli, gnocchetti sardi, rigatelli)