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The ST-100 static sterilizer allows to break down the charge of the pasta, also filled, packaged in a modified atmosphere, with a capacity up to 100kg per cycle.
To be used with packs suitable to withstand high temperatures (approximately 95 ° C), this process can be replaced or combined with pasteurization for greater safety; in fact, sterilization makes it possible to lengthen the duration of the products, and is particularly suitable in hot countries or with difficulties in maintaining the cold chain.

The counting of the time for the sterilization process starts from when the machine has reached the set temperature up to the core of the product; there is also an internal timer that allows you to set an additional counting delay for greater process security. An acoustic and visual alarm will warn when the cycle is finished.

The machine includes 1 stainless steel trolley on swiveling wheels with handle and 20 wooden frames with a polyester mesh base.

CE standard electrical panel with right ventilation cycle time, timer, pause and left ventilation.



- Voltage: 380V/50Hz 3Ph - 220V/60Hz 3Ph
- Capacity: 100kg
- 1 tropicalized fan with separate impeller with 0.55 kw thrust reverse
- 1 7.2 Kw thermoresistance battery on 6 elements;
- 20 wooden frames with food grade polyester 600x850x65h bottom
- Dimensions: mm 1310x1000x2260h
- Door size: mm 900

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