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The PS 4 fresh pasta machine is an ideal pasta machine for restaurants and small shops. It has a modern digital touch screen control panel.
Thanks to the water cooling system that keeps the temperature of the extrusion cylinder low, it is possible to extrude for many consecutive hours without having to stop the machine to wait for cylinder to cool. It has a very sturdy structure and an Aisi 304 stainless steel kneading tank. The PS 4 pasta machine has a dough capacity of 4 kg, and is ideal for the production of long pasta, short pasta and penne. It is possible to combine the stainless steel trolley on wheels that allows you to move the machine comfortably. Extremely reliability thanks to the new safety system equipped with magnetic proximity sensor not susceptible to breakage caused by the mechanical forces of continuous closing and opening of the tank.

The machine is equipped with a touch screen control system with the ability to load and customize recipes according to your production needs, customizing the extrusion speed, the knife speed and the temperature of the extrusion cylinder.



- Adjustable speed motor
- Digital touch screen control panel
- Water cooling system
- Variable extrusion speed



- Dies in brass/bronze alloy (with/without Teflon inserts) for the production of different types of pasta.
- Electronic knife for short pasta
- Kit die (with/without Teflon inserts)
- Stainless steel trolley



- Extrusion speed: 12 Kg/h
- Productivity: 6 Kg/h
- Vat capacity: 4 Kg
- Machine dimentions: cm 60x90x60 h
- Machine + trolley dimensions: cm 60x100x130 h
- Weight: 60 Kg
- Power: 1,5 kW
- Die size: Ø 73,7 mm

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