Automatic short pasta packaging BG37IM-1

Automatic short pasta packaging BG37IM-1 suitable for packaging and weighing dry and fresh short pas[...]

Available in 20/25 working days
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Heatshrink packaging machine - Tecnopack

Heatshrink packaging machine for trays with separate tunnels and internal tape.

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Sabalpack packing machine

Sabalpack vertical packaging machine with 3 square bottom forming tubes.A clipper is mounted on the [...]

Second hand
Automatic vacuum gas heat sealing machine - Reepack mod. Reeflex

Automatic vacuum gas heat sealing machine, Reepack mod. Reeflex, for fresh pasta, meat etc. Capacit[...]

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Inclined packaging machine Imasezzadio

Automatic packaging machine which produces packs with 3 welds of various shapes and sizes, starting [...]

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Vertical packaging machine Brava 1000 - Sabalpack

The Brava 1000 packaging machine has the capacity of bagging 900 bags per hour. It packs both the fr[...]

Second hand
Sabalpack Packing Machine

SABALPACK "BRAVA 1000" Vertical Packaging Machine, Year 2003.The packaging machine has the capacity [...]

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Heat sealer ILPRA Foodpack Speedy

Ilpra Speedy VG 12 packaging machine in excellent condition. FoodPack Speedy is a compact heat seale[...]

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Complete packaging line with double doser weight

Packaging line consisting of: - Loading hopper from the ground - Elevator belt - Vibrating feeder[...]

Second hand
Automatic packaging line for nests and short pasta

Complete automatic line for the packaging of short pasta and nests.Complete of:- Interlocking tray f[...]