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Automatic continually working short goods production line with drying process, utilizing high temperature (hot water at 110-130 ° degrees to the coils), able to produce 2000 kg/hour (2 tons/hour) of short-cut product.

The production capacity of the line is to be conventionally referred to:

- Dry product, with legal and not superior to 12.5% humidity
- Continuous and uninterrupted production of the guaranteed shape for 24 hours cycle
- Aluminium belts manufactured with slotted slats which carried by chains
- Steel supporting frames which grant stability and a longer lifetime of the whole installation
- Hydraulic plant completed with 3-ways pneumatic valve, pump, by-pass, control valve, gauges and thermometers
- Air exchange systems made by steel channels and butterflies which are equipped with air suction and air input electro fans with pre-heating batteries
- High performance axial fans with electric motors are suitable for working in high temperature
- Electrical axial fans are made with electrical motors and aluminium cast fans with adjustable blades
- Shaker and cooler are equipped with a new conveying system with independent vibrating motors for each floor, and they can be controlled to optimize the dwelling time for each pasta shape
- Dry short-cut products are produced by 520 mm. dies, with special weight types 300 - 400 kg/mc, 2000 kg/h, and 2 mm. dimensional thickness
- 12.5% to +/- 0.5% final humidity
- The line productive capacity will depend on pasta making ability of soft wheat flour, in case of flours or blends in use
- The line can produce every pasta format above-named, even with the use of semolina and soft wheat flour blends
- The line nominal productive capacity could undergo some changes in operation of additive type and quantity (+/- 10%)

Without explicit applications, how much described in offer will be built according to the Normative of European Union.
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