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Aluminum frame in light alloy profile in anodized aluminum and heat-resistant polyester mesh suitable for static drying and/or dehydration of fresh pasta.
These frames can be used for any type of movement, both manual and with automatic machines, thanks to their sturdiness and non-deformability.
They are available in three different profiles:

- Low profile - 35 mm - suitable for small pasta size
- Standard profile - 50 mm - suitable for medium pasta size
- High profile - 70 mm - suitable for large pasta size

They respect the hygienic and sanitary standards.

Minimum purchase of 200 pieces


- Non-deformable anodized aluminum structure
- Absence of sharp edges
- Heat-resistant polyester mesh
- Sanitizable
- Low profile: dimensions 120x60x3 cm weight 2,40 Kg
- Standard profile: dimensions 120x60x5 cm 2,80 Kg
- High profile: dimensions 120x60x7 cm 3,30 Kg.

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