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Professional pasta machine P3 - La Monferrina

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La Monferrina P3 is an automatic and very reliable machine, suitable for working with any kind of flour and durum wheat (semolina); it is suitable for long and short pasta shapes production which can be obtain by simply changing the extruding die.

Monferrina P3 is a machine of medium production, suitable for small restaurants, pizzerias and delicatessen.
4 standard metal dies at choice from the dies catalogue are included with the P3, while the penne die, PTFE dies and the pasta sheet dies have to be bought apart.
The machine comes also with an automatic pasta cutter, a fan and a pasta tray.

The operation of this machine is simple and efficient. The machine is made of anodized aluminium in its external structure and the parts that are in contact with pasta are made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a control panel and it respect all accident prevention regulations in force.


Lineapasta supplies together with the machines and only to its customers, a user, maintenance and installation manual in paper and digital format with also a pasta recipe book, to be used with our professional machines.


- 3 Kg kneading vat
- Shaft and screw which can be disassembled for an easy cleaning and maintenance
- Automatic pasta cutter with speed variator
- Fan


Ravioli Set: it carries out the production of perfect ravioli with double pasta sheet in all the available shapes. The ravioli group has a fixed mould integrated with the machine and once the size has been chosen (mm 20X20, 34x40, 40x50, 70x70x70), this cannot be changed unless you buy another Ravioli Set.
With the P3 it is not possible to produce different ravioli sizes using interchangeable moulds, this will be possible from models P6 / P12, that instead of the Ravioli Set, can install the Multipasta accessory.

Gnocchi Set: it carries out the production of gnocchi made of potatoes or made of potatoes flakes in various dimensions and additional ingredients such as tomatoes or spinaches. The Gnocchi Set with piston system works with a plunger that pushes the dough inside the cup and it is suitable to work with both fresh potatoes and mixes (flours of potate flakes).>

Stainless steel pasta trolley (pasta trays not included)

Perforated pasta trays

The assembly of all the accessories is simple and pratical. Some units can also be used in combination with some other machine models in our production range.


Weight: 58 Kg
Dimesions mm (AxBxC): 500x365x445
motor power: 900 W
Kneading vat capacity: 3 Kg
Pasta production: 8-10 Kg/h
Extrusion speed: 16-20 Kg/h
Die diameter: Ø 75 mm

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