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- Condition: U s e d - Guarantee: Not included on price - Year of build: 2000 - Where is: ITALIA - More informations:
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Automatic line for the continuous production of short pasta with a capacity of 3200 kg/h. refers to straight and round sizes with a specific weight of 350 kg / m3, thickness up to 0.9mm, final moisture content of between 11.5 and 12.5% Technology "TAS" thermo-active system.

Year of installation 2000, the line currently in use in Italy.

Technical description:
Automatic press continues Mod. 218/2 PMP complete dosing unit, pre-mixer, bath mixer, bath distributor, extrusion unit composed nr. 2 compression screws with a diameter of 218mm and nr. 2 heads of a diameter of 540mm.
All the operations of kneading and extrusion are performed under vacuum.

No. 2 pairs of dies Ø540mm.

Shaker model TP 90, made up of nr. 5 + 5 floors vibrating structure and stainless steel mesh, kinematic motion realized with elastic metal rods, adjusting the speed of advance of the product.

Bucket elevator in stainless steel mesh, loop path, exhaust distributed in correspondence of the loading area.

Dryer technology "TAS" thermo-active system, quick-drying process with active discovery and energy efficient.
Stainless steel structure containing two separate machine bodies, a drier and stabilizer: each body is constituted by a series of superimposed planes divided into two climate zones differentiated.

No.2 Bucket elevators in stainless steel mesh, path to "Z", central drain.

Cooler carpet (year 2011).

Electrical panel of command and control of the entire line, complete with software for supervision.

Required dimensions of the establishment:
- Height 7m
- Length 50m
- Width 6m
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