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- Condition: U s e d - Guarantee: Not included on price - Year of build: 1982 - More informations:
Not overhauled


Pasta Line PAVAN P 200 SB
Second hand functional but without repairing.
The line is built 1982. The production with such a line is very easy, after you make the repairing we offer, You can produce on it once more 20 years.

Pasta PRESS PAVAN P 200 SB complete
Dosing valve for water
Dosing valve for flour
Mixer complete under Vacuum
Screw and Cylinder
Diameter dies 273 mm
Cutting unit
All motors and gear boxes
Vacuum pump

Trabatto TP 60 PAVAN
Vibrating pre dryer with 5 stainless sieves over 3-5 minutes drying
Making the first skin on pasta for not attacking
With Ventilators and radiators

Belt elevator
Pre dryer TR 51 PAVAN
5 floors nylon sieves to pre dry the pasta
Down to 20 % humidity of the product
Included distributor, ventilators, heaters

Belt elevator
End dryer TR 56 PAVAN
3 floors nylon sieves to put the product until 12,5 % humidity
Included distributor, ventilators, heaters

Vibrating sieve
On exit of the dryer

35 Kw electric energy 380V/5o hz
50 Kw heating water 95 °C
60 litre drinking water
100 litre industrial water for cooling cylinder

Not includin press control panel
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