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- Condition: U s e d - Guarantee: 12 months warranty - Year of build: 1990 - More informations:


Vacuum press BRAIBANTI 460
After generally overhauled

Fully automatic press with doser for flour and water, high speed pre mixer, double main mixer screw 165 mm, head with die 450 mm,
cutting unit for short cut pasta,
out blowing fan,
Vacuum pump.
Included three dies for different pasta shapes, as per customer requires.

Shaking pre dryer
After generally overhauled
5 tracks for the first drying, included all fans and heaters.

Pre dryer
After generally overhauled
7 Belts dryer stabilised for temperatures up to 90 °C
included all fans and heaters
Isolation in 60 mm PU panels.
Drying temperature 70 – 75 °C

Main dryer
After generally overhauled
5 Belts dryer s stabilised for temperatures up to 90 °C
Included all fans and heaters
Isolation in 60 mm PU panels.
Drying temperature 70 – 75°C

After generally overhauled
One belt cooler to cool the pasta to room temperature between 4 minutes

Electric panel
with all functions for using, safety, and control instruments.

Climate regulation
Fully automatic regulation of temperature and humidity in each dryers
to guarantee excellent drying system.

Necessary energy (out of offer, separate offer possible):
Heater 130 °C 230 KW
Electric energy 145 KW 380 V 50 Hz
Water for cooling cylinder 300 l/h
Fresh water for mixing 450 l/h

12 month after start up
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