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Pasta production line PAVAN 1300 kg/h
as following:

Vacuum press PAVAN P 15:
Fully automatic press
Stable steel construction with a platform to control the process for easy manipulation
Measuring for flour: variable rotation screw
Measuring water: with dosing pump connected with the flour screw, high speed pre mixer, double main mixer
Main screw 165 mm
Water cooled cylinder
head with dies 2 x 380 mm
cutting unit for short cut pasta to cut pasta on the die,
out blowing fan,
Vacuum pump.
Included three dies (2x3) for different pasta shapes, as per customers require.

Shaking double pre dryers:
2x5 vibrating tracks for the first pre drying, making the product a dry skin for not sticking together during the next drying process.
included all fans and heaters.
Insulation in 60 mm PU foam in fibreglass.

Bucket Elevator:
Connecting trabatto and dryer

Dryer ROVATI UNI dryer:
ROVATI pre-drying on 4 belts
end drying on 5 belts
belts in high temperature stainless steel elements, each element stringed with stainless steel sieves.
Mounted on a chain, living time for ever.
Distributor at inlet for evenly bringing the product on the first belt.
Outlet vibrator
included all fans and heaters
Insulation origin panels in white fibreglass
Drying temperature 85 °C
Fully automatic computerised climate control for humidity and temperature.
PID regulation, temperature depending form the arrived humidity.

Bucket elevator dryer - cooler

One belt cooler, to cool the pasta to room temperature between 6 minutes.

Electric panel:
with all functions for using, safety, and control instruments.

Die washing machine round dies 600 mm:

Complete stock for finished pasta


Hot water tank 500 l

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