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ET 50U is a pasta dryer with a professional installation of small dimension ideal for all activities that want to have a high quality product thanks to the drying system that exploits tha natural process of removal of moisture by introducing heated air, thus maintaining the nutritive and organoleptic properties of raw materials perfectily intact. 
The system is modular with the possibility to expand the system. 
The control panel allows the eletronic regulation of the temperarture up to a maximum of 65°, the regulation of the termal power, the regulation of the air exchange that happen or through tilting dumper or through the automatic ventilation module that detects and disposes the saturated air channeling it to the outside and allowing a more efficent, quickly and economic drying.



- Stainless steel structure
- Capacity of dryer: 14 mq (about 50 kg of fresh pasta)
- Capacity: 40 stainless steel trays 70x50 cm
- Regulation of saturated air disposed through tilting dumper
- Regulation of the temperature with LED display



- Automatic ventilation system through channeling extractor
- Drysilk - Teflon glass fiber sheet 50x70 cm
- Drysilk Net - food plastic net  50x70 cm
- Castle in stainless steel 50x70 cm



- Voltage available: 3,4 kW 220V/50-60Hz 1Ph - 5,1 kW 400V/220V 50-60Hz 3Ph - 7,5 kW 400V/220V 50-60Hz 3Ph (on required other voltage are available)
- Electric fan power: 60W
- Dimension trays: 70x50 cm
- Dimension of the machine: 192x140x82 cm
- Package dimension: 205x160x95 cm 
- Net weight: 190 Kg
- Gross weight: 280 Kg

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