• Manual ravioli machine
  • Manual ravioli machine
  • Manual ravioli machine
  • Ravioli 34x40mm
    Ravioli 34x40mm
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Manual ravioli machine - 1070

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A large production of ravioli. Simply done.

The Ravioli Machine produces 34x40mm-sized ravioli, using a pasta dough sheet with a width of 100mm.
The external structure of the Ravioli Machine comes in anodized aluminium, while the parts that come into contact with the pasta are in stainless steel. The machine complies with current safety regulations.

Dimensions: cm 35x45x46h


Lineapasta supplies together with the machines and only to its customers, a user, maintenance and installation manual in paper and digital format with also a pasta recipe book, to be used with our professional machines.

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