• Fresh pasta laboratory
  • Fresh pasta laboratory
  • Fresh pasta laboratory
  • Fresh pasta laboratory
  • Fresh pasta laboratory
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- Combined machine of Toresani Company, three-phase motor, equipped with a 12 kg mixer, cutter with n. 4 knives of different sizes for the production of tagliatelle, spaghetti alla chitarra, spaghettini and pappardelle and Cilindro for 30 cm puff pastry.

The machine is equipped with a safety system (inversion of the direction of travel) and emergency button.

 - Semi-automatic orecchiette machine from Toresani (missing the label), three-phase motor, equipped with n. 03 different molds for the production of orecchiette, cavatelli and semi-finished products for macaroni. Equipped with conveyor belt, and emergency button;

 - Toresani air dryer, three-phase motor, with 32 wooden frames, for drying pasta produced before exposure and sale;

 - FIMAR pasta or extruder press mod. MPF8 three-phase motor, 5 kg kneading machine, extrudes pasta in an autonomous way with a production of 5 kg per hour, equipped with safety systems (tank lid opening). It has n. 12 different dies (macaroni, tagliatelle, pappardelle, torciglioni, spaghettoni, casarecce, fusilli, etc.)

 - Static display counter of the Frigomeccanica company, three-phase motor, refrigerated cells underneath, curved display case, purchased new in 2007 and in operation until 2010. Dimensions mt. 2.50

 - Cherry wood display cabinet, from mt. 2.50 purchased new in 2007 together with the refrigerated counter.

The machines are visible in operation. The activity ceased in 2010.