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Complete set of machineries for pasta production:

- Double sheet ravioli machine RSM170 - OFFICINA DEA (CLICK HERE)
- Cappelletti and ravioli machine D140 - Dominioni (CLICK HERE)
- Double sheeter ravioli machine 150S - Italgi (CLICK HERE)
- Gnocchi machine D4 - OFFICINA DEA (CLICK HERE)
- Bell vacuum machine with inert gas VG 800 - Lavezzini (CLICK HERE)
- Double vat pasta sheeter 160DV 25/20 - Italpast (CLICK HERE)
- Gnocchi machine GN90-2 - Italgi (CLICK HERE)
- Pasteurizer IG 50 gas - Italpast (CLICK HERE)
- Pasta machine TR95/RA - Macchine Per Pasta S.r.l. (CLICK HERE)
- Trabatto for pasta TP 100 - Italpast (CLICK HERE)
- Automatic weigher Vibrocell BEM (CLICK HERE)
- Automatic cutter TA160 - Aldo Cozzi (CLICK HERE)
- Spiral kneader 85L - Fuerpla (CLICK HERE)
- Industrial cooler chiller - Hitec
- Industrial gas cooker - Lincar
- Electric grater - Hudson
- Cheese cutter
- Combined meat grinder - Hudson
- Vibrator


The machines are also available individually.

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