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Dry pasta moisture meter Kett F501

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The dry pasta moisture meter Kett F501 is a tool that allows you to accurately measure the moisture of dry pasta once the drying process is finished. You just have to crumble a small amount of pasta, place it in the sample plate provided, then insert the plate with the sample in the device and in a few seconds you will see the moisture value of the pasta. The device allows you to automatically average over 9 consecutive measurements with a range of humidity from 9 to 30%.


- 2 sample trays
- Brush
- Tweezers
- Hard carrying case


Measuring range: semolina 9-30%; pasta 9-30%
Measurement precision: ± 0.5%
Battery: 4 pcs. x 1.5V (measure "AA")
Dimensions: cm 30x14x10h
Net weight: 0,44 kg

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