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The automatic pallet stretch wrapper, with hexagonal base and rotating table, is designed to offer the customer a compact and economic solution for the end of line.
Simple, sturdy and featuring advanced solutions.
The stretch wrapper can wrap the wood pallet almost completely without the need of a lifting device.
It is reliable for stabilising most of the palletised loads with extensible film. Steel column structure, rotation speed and reel truck speed adjustable through inverter, progressive start, progressive return, guarded photocell for load reading, load height up to 2000 mm.

- Solid and robust structure.
- Pallet stabilisation and protection.
- Operating speed.
- Film saving.
- User friendly.
- Limited overall dimensions.
- Reduced maintenance.
- Painted steel sheet machine structure.
- Base hinged column for easy and rapid installation.
- Belt-driven reel truck.
- (Belt-failure) safety device in case of belt breakage.
- Possibility to lift the machine on the front or on the back through a forklift truck.
- Arrangement for pneumatic pressor.
- Switchboard.
- Table progressive start and indexed stop inverter.
- Up and down wrapping cycle with selector switch.
- Top/bottom revs separate digital adjustment.
- Table rotation speed adjustable through potentiometer.
- Truck speed adjustable through potentiometer.
- Pallet height reading photocell.
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