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Lineapasta offers free shipping throughout Europe for this equipment but avails himself of the possibility to charge part of the shipment if the destination is found to be outside the traditional delivery circuits or of excessive economic relevance.
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Sturdy machine equipped with flexible pick up head (mechanical, pneumatical and magnetical versions available depending on the product to be handled. Passing from one head to the other is simple and fast and does not require the use of spanners or special tools. It is manufactured as a monoblock structure, thus ensuring its simple shipment and fast installation. The casepacker machine combines ease of use and an innovative diagnostic system that can be accessed directly from the touch screen provided.

The Casepacker handles rigid containers (glass or plastic bottles, boxes), flexible packs (sacks, doypacks, bags) and others.


- Infeed bench made of steel with SS or plastic chains and channelling blades according to the layer configuration.
- Closed cardboard magazine, with automatic closing and forming system.
- Bottle holder picking heads, complete with safety device for any jamming during movement.
- Automatic height-adjustable centering device for optimal bottle pick up.
- Safety guards with possibility of TPM front and rear inspection doors of aluminium profiles and Plexiglas panels.
- Weight 1700 kg.
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