• Pasta dryer EC 24
  • Pasta dryer EC 24
  • Pasta dryer EC 24
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Condition: N e w
Guarantee: 12 months warranty
Where is: Italy


The EC 24 static dryer is a dryer for fresh pasta capable of drying up to 72 kg of pasta. The dryer is made up of a drying cabinet in which there is a rack that can hold up to 24 frames for drying fresh pasta that can be either plastic or fir wood with a polyester net. The pasta loaded on the frames is dried by ventilation with air at room temperature released in an intense and uniform manner, or by air heated to the temperature chosen with armored stainless steel electric resistors. The dryer's walls, which are 30mm thick, are made from a pre-painted sheet steel casing filled inside with high thermal retention polyurethane foam.
The electrical panel, in accordance with the CE standard, is equipped with a temperature control instrument and a timer that can adjust both the total operation time and the pause times, and also the flow ventilation to the right and to the left.
All functions can be excluded via the manual function.


- Panels with casing in white RAL 9010 prepainted shee
- Heat exchanger with electric resistances
- Digital thermostat for temperature control
- Probe for temperature measurement
- Digital instrument with timer
- Fan for air circulation
- Inlets for fresh air
- Electrical panel for control of the entire plant according to C.E.


- N.24 Plastic frames 60x40x7 cm
- N.24 Fir wood frames and polyester mesh base


- Production capacity: 72 kg per drying cycle
- Power supply: 380V/50Hz 3 Ph (at request 220V/60Hz 3ph - 220V/50Hz 1Ph - 220V/60Hz 1Ph)
- Fan: 0.9 Kw
- Resistances: N° 3 from 1.2 Kw
- Plastic frame size: 60x40 cm
- Size of fir wood frame: 69x44,5x5,5 cm
- Dimensions: 126x80x106 cm
- Packaging weight: 200 Kg