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Automatic layer palletizer suitable for automatic palletising of cartons, crates, shrinkpacks, bags, etc.., featuring high production capacity, friendly use, compact size handling up to 150kg layer weight.

All stages are controlled and monitored by a PLC.
To achieve optimal load stability, during translations the carriage is equipped with controlled acceleration and deceleration ramps.
The self centering guides layer allows fast and automatic format changes.

The machine consists of:

- Double column lifting structure.
- Layer transfer unit on the pallet.
- Side guides for layer compaction and centering on the pallet, one of which is controlled with a gear motor, three with pneumatic cylinders.
- One format palletizing program.
- Infeed pallets roller conveyor
- Automatic interleaf inserter (optional).
- Electric control panel.
- Electrical cabinet connected to the main structure of the machine.
- Pneumatic system.
- Operational safety guards conform to the standards and directives in force.
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