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Cartesian palletisers are designed to transfer end of line production products onto pallets.

They can handle different products, such as boxes, packs, cans, crates and bags. They can feature a linear axis and three numeric controlled servo-driven circular axes, with Brushless motors and high quality reduction gears.

This cartesian palletiser can work simultaneously on different lines with single or multiple picking head in order to guarantee the customer’s needs. All models can be equipped with a special pick up head that can transfer empty pallet too.
Palletising are easily and quickly managed through operating panels allowing; the operator can retrieve each stored programme; the use of a modem allows an efficient telematic service.
HMI control and supervising systems integrate and make the palletisation effective and flexible through management of production process data with corporate database interface;
new palletising schemes created with the programme. This graphically generates different solutions for the arrangement of products on the pallet; the preferred solutions will be automatically
sent to the palletiser.
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