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Automatic packaging machine which produces packs with 3 welds of various shapes and sizes, starting from the flat coil printed or neutral, on which it is possible to apply labels, expiry date and lot.

• inclined version

• Inclined plane
• No. 6 interchangeable forming tubes in stainless steel
• Motorized system of transport belts, coil films
• vector inverter for film pulling with speed control, acceleration and deceleration of the straps
• PLC with set parameters memory (SIEMENS)
• Digital control panel SIEMENS
• No. 2 - horizontal sealing bars knurled controlled by thermocouples
• No. 1 - vertical Teflon coated sealing blade 300mm Full open
• No. 1 - Cutting blade made of stainless steel (laser machined)
• No. 2 - Reel holder with mechanical tensioning system film

No. 2 linear weighers to three vibrating channels brand Simionato.

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