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- Condition: U s e d - Guarantee: Not included on price - Year of build: 1999


Automatic line for potato peeling NILMA 600 kg/h.

The Integrated-way Pioneer is automatic line peeling potatoes that offers high capacity and significant savings in management in large kitchens and the food industry: in one solution, without effort, breaks and shifts, large quantities of potatoes are peeled and finished as quickly and rationally.
The working cycle of the automatic line of potato peeling starts from the loading hopper: potatoes, raised by a special elevator in one direction, are conveyed in K/30-AM peeler. Once the loop peeling and washing, the product is discharged on a table of weeding in 4 places, where workers perform finishing operations. Finally, the potatoes are placed in the exhaust system and collected in a stainless steel trolley. The Integrated System Pioneer unidirectional has the capacity of 600 kg/hour of finished product.

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