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Lineapasta offers free shipping throughout Europe for this equipment but avails himself of the possibility to charge part of the shipment if the destination is found to be outside the traditional delivery circuits or of excessive economic relevance.
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Semiautomatic case taper with manual size adjustment, simultaneously execute the top and bottom sealing of batches of one-size boxes in a quick, precise and extremely productive way.
A two-belt bottom drive system allows an extremely stable transportation of the boxes up to 30 pieces/min.


- Electrical connection: 380V, 50Hz, triphase, 4-pole red industrial socket.
- Pneumatic connection: 6 bar.
- Double column with reinforced to increase sturdiness, stability and with uniform height adjustment.
- Amortising system with precharged springs on the columns.
- Easily replaceable, completely protected and guarded belts, 20 m/min speed.
- Double motors for heavy industrial performance.
- Side pressor rollers to allow the flaps matching precisely during the sealing and an accurate positioning of the box.
- Blade protection.
- Safety guards and easily accessible emergency switch.
- Clutched roll holders (easily accessible) to avoid belt overrotation and guarantee consistent quality.
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