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The dough touching surfaces of the pressing unit are stainless steel.Semolina and water that will be mixed shall automatically be poured to the vessel. There are 1 pieces of macaroni mould with CIRCULAR DIES having Diameter of 400 mm Chromed cutting surface, complete with special interchangeable Teflon insertsand 5% of spare inserts Shape to be defined with thickness 0.9-1,1 mm. Macaroni moulds have the technology that can be disassembled and assembled by hydraulic system.Pressing Unit system operates full automatically.

Technical features:

N.1 Stainless steel Compression Screws – High resistant carbon steel (Fe 400) compression cylinders with stainless steel jacket for cooling by means ofthermal adjusted water;high efficiency-type compression screws (Ø 160 mm); constant pitch; variableprofile on the whole length; triple start; made in stainless steel (304);main independent reduction gear with ground teeth gears, slow shaft drilled andfitted out with chromium-coated ring, replaceable in case of wear out, withholding gaskets application; compression screws drive motor;

N.1 Short Cut Pasta Die-Head (Ø 400 mm)
It consists of a high resistance steel casting suitable to house circular dies,equipped with a pushing unit to allow a quick change of dies and also with stainless steel outer jacket for thermostatic water circulation during operation.
Pressure gauge with concerning electrical safety contactsare of course included.
?ndependently working button panels installed at press foot in mixing tanks zone. repeated orders to electrical general panel.
Pressure gauge with concerning electrical safety contacts are of course included.
The device is provided with knives with one, two or three blades and naturall some spare blades.

N.1 CIRCULAR DIES with Diameter = 400 mm
Chromed cutting surface, complete with special interchangeable Teflon inserts and 5% of spare inserts Shape to be defined with thickness 0.9-1,1mm

Electric Hoist
Swiveling hoist for die lifting, 200 kg maximum hanging load each.

Semola Dosing
Feeding from the barrel with presettingof the semola weight electronically controlled from inverter to independent geared motor.

Water Dosing
Composed by circuit with stainless steel piping. 2-way pneumatic valve .Thermometer and manometer.Inter ception solenoid valve.Sundry stainless steel connections.The above components are supplied in “pre-assembled” version.Minimum required pressure is 1,5 bar, “ STABILIZED”

Centrifugal Pre-mixer stainless steel, consisting of :
Horizontal tank made to be easily opened.Shaft with extractible paddles.
Cover opening on the side opposite to motor, provided with mechanic security system.
Direct Motor with 900 Revs. 2,2kW
Entering of the liquid product on both sides.
Entering of semola in the acceleration pre-chamber.

Hydraulic or mechanical-type die-change tool with side extraction-insertion system, equipped with hoist for lifting of die.

Knife Cutting System
Knife Aeration Fan
Press Platform

For centralized system complete with storage tank with automactic function,radiator cooling and control panel.

Vacuum system:
Ring type with pump connection collector and distirbution to the production area with on-off valve insertion for 1 production lines, in SS 2” dia,black piping

Shaker unit is the section where the initial moisture of the material is removed which is coming from the press unit cut and humid. The product retains in this unit about 1 or 2 minutes. The material's initial moisture is reduced by ventilators and suction fans operating inside. The stock, then, is transferred to the 1st Drier by and elevator.

The unit consists of ;

Sieve Eccentric Motion System

40 mms thickness metal polyestr panels internally lined with steel which opens fully bymeans of special butt strap rods to make maintenance and clean-up operations easier.

Electrical axial fans provided with high temperature “h” class special electrical motors and aluminium cast fans with adjustable blades.

Sieve Suction Fan

Shaker on support legs off the ground provided with bottom nsulation board.

Sieve Heating System (Serpentine and heating pipes)

PRE-DRYING 11 M - 11Tiers

Length: 11 Mt. / 11 Tiers.
Overall net area: 194,48 sq. mt.
Process Time: approx. 5 hours at high temperature.

First drier is composed of 11 m long tunnel with 5 stages. The touching surfaces where macaroni is dried are made of anodic oxidized aluminum and outer covers was produced from a material providing heat insulation with interior part made up of polyurethane material and outer part is made of white dyed iron sheet which meets international food processing regulations. In the first drier, high portion of the moisture is removed. The moisture content is decreased from 30 -29 % to 19 -18 % within 45 minutes retention time. Heat and moisture control are controlled by automatic conditioning system.

The second drier is also composed 11 m long tunnel but 6 stages and the materials used are identical with the 1st drier. This is the main section that the product takes its color and shape. So, the real drying section is second drier which directly effects the final product quality. The moisture content of the material is decreased gradually from 19 - 18% to 12 - 12.5 %. Again, heat and moisture control are controlled by automatic conditioning system. Drying period of the product is approximately 5-5.5 hours.

The units consist of ;

Vibrant Product Distributing System

Product Drying Bands ( 11 M long, 11 decks) Anodic oxidized Aluminum

Drier Operating Drive Group (4 pieces)

Ventilators inside Driers ( 20 pieces)

Outer Air Suction Fan ( 2 pieces)

Product Output Unit ( Vibratory)

Air conditioner Checking System ( For product control ) H. Heating System for 1 & 2 driers
(3 ways valve, serpentine, heating pipes, circulation pumps, etc)

The main components of the unit are the following:
One passage boards coller.
Pasta cooling, at deperession drop, with air.
External insulating panels made of flame retardant polyurethane and extruded aluminium frame sections; panels are easy to open for inspection and maintenance operations.
Frame structure in enamel-treated carbon steel sheets.Stainless steel support structure for insulating panels and drive unit.
Vibrating level, made of stainless steel tubular frame with stainless steel wire mesh,the drive shaft is connected with the vibratory motors

No. 3 Axial-type Motor Units for ventilation, air intake and recycling, complete with servo-driven dampers.
Set of electrical materials for connection to outside power supply, complete with teflon-coated conductors, aluminium raceways, terminal boxes and accessories.


Number of silos: 4 x 12 m3 /each.
Approx. overall capacity: 9,6 tons (referred to product with specific weight 400 kg/mc)

Consisting of the following:
Number of silos: 4 x 12m3/ each.
Approx. overall capacity: 19,2 tons.
Consisting of the following:

No. 1 bucket elevator model HMS-350
No. 1 fixed concave belt conveyor model H 400
No. 1 fixed bidirectional belt conveyors model H 400
No. 1 movable bidirectional belt conveyors model H 400

Equipment for 4 cell of storage silos :

4 Downloading Spirals
No. 1 fixed belt conveyors model H 400
No. 1 vibrating sifters model HMV-1000/1.2

Lateral Panels, Top Panels, Global Metal Frame, Bottom Cone, Ladders and gangway for the storage group of 4 silos are excluded.


This panel is designed with touch panel PID automation system fully controlling of succesful drying process. PID control system allows precise and full control of moisture parameters in every stage of drying process. And this directly effects the success ofn the final moisture content of the macaroni to be produced.

Following applications are managed by Air Conditioning Control Panel
The filing and archive for various types of macaroni receipts
The alarm for troubleshooting
Code protection for access for modification on the data
The calculation of average production
The electronic and electrical materials are chosen rom the worldwide branded high quality suppliers having CE certificates.

The units consist of ;

Motorized rolling shutter for pre-drying air intakes.
Pneumatic modulating servo-motor (Siemens Control brand) for the rolling shutters and/ or air scoop butterfly contro
Feeler Elimko for reading, control and temperature/ humidity adjustment, in each control clime area
Electric motor internal line, degraded,protection level IP 55, isolation class H .
Control and security devices.
Internal heating system, flanged and welded drying, pre-set up to drying roof. Pipes and steel joint, to low carbon contents.
With a adjusting temperature valve each, circulation electro pump, interception valves, no return valves, filter, thermometer and monometer. Flanged construction and welded PN 16.
Steel to low carbon contents pipes and connection.


Boiler tank having 270000 Kcal / h to meet the requirement of the line

insulation and necessary accessories
Hot water pipes.
Expansion tank
Hot water pumps
The necessary technical information for the type of the fuel to be combusted has to be given us by the customer.


Buckets with stainless steel structures and net.
Buckets length : 500 mm
“Z” conformation.
Modular carrying structure.
Structure modules made of strong iron plate pressedfolded and carbon steel
Structure base fixed on adjustable supports, lifted from floor of 100 mm about.
Base with drawer to raise possible pasta rejects.

Command by motor-reducer.

Mechanical security by torque limiter.

Buckets movement by carbon steel chains pitch:
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