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1. Press Pavan PMP 165 (head 450 mm) – screw 165 mm
2. Shacker Pavan TR 90
3. Pre-dryer Pavan TR 51
4. Main dryer Pavan TR 56
5. Electric panel Pavan
6. Spiral conveyor SP90
7. Flour sifter
8. Spiral conveyor SP90
9. Die washering machine Montoni + Set of 13 dies 450 mm
10. Water tank INOX steel , 1,5m³.
11. Water tank INOX steel , 1,5³
12. Water pump for mixing
13. Belt conveyor
14. Silos for short cut pasta 3500 kg 2 pcs
15. Silos for short cut pasta 1500 kg and half automatic packing syst.
16. Packaging machine (30 pack/min)
17. Packing machine semiautomatic
18. Hopper for raw materials
19. Spiral conveyor SP90
20. Belt conveyor
21. Compressor ?415?
22. Compressor ?415?
23. Receiver 1m³
24. Receiver 2m³
25. Water Pump for press cooling
26. Cooler
27. Water tank cooling syst press
28. Belt conveyor
29. Belt conveyor
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