• P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
  • P30 - La Monferrina
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Condition: U s e d
Guarantee: Not included on price
Year of build: 1996
Where is: Grecia
More informations:
Currently working


P30 is an automatic machine, highly reliable, suitable for processing all types of flour and semolina. It is particularly suitable for all types of short and long pasta.

P30 is a semi-industrial machine that can be combined with: automatic cutters, nesting machines, ravioli machines, cappellettatrici. Its operation is simple and efficient; has an external structure in anodized aluminum and the parts in contact with the stainless steel paste. It is equipped with a control panel and complies with the accident prevention regulations in force.


- Kneading vat
- Removable shaft and screw for easy cleaning and maintenance
- Automatic pasta cutter with speed variator
- Cooling fan
- Water cooling for extrusion and extruder head.


1) Dies: bronze dies are available to obtain a rougher pasta and PTFE dies for a more glossy and transparent pasta

2) Pasta sheet roll: for the automatic formation of pasta sheet rolls.

The attachment of accessories is simple and practical.


- Weight: 395 Kg
- Dimensions mm (AxBxC) 630x1630x2010
- Three-phase power morality 1: 1800 W
- 3-phase motor power 2: 4000 W
- Mixing tank capacity: 30 Kg
- Production of pasta: 90/100 Kg/h.