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- Condition: U s e d - Guarantee: Not included on price - Year of build: 1990 - More informations:


The line includes:

Press PAVAN PMP 10
Small flower storage on the top of flour doser
Doser for flower and liquid products
High speed mixer
Main mixer under Vacuum
2 main screws diameter 175 mm with water cooled cylinder
Head for long dies 2000 mm
Hydraulic system for changing the dies, included hydraulic pump
Fans on the head for the first cooling spaghetti
Die Spaghetti 1,6 mm,
Included the necessary pre dies.
Vacuum pump

Hanging machine PAVAN STD 2000 complete

Drying line
Pre drying zone 1
Pre drying zone 2
3 floors end dryer

included all inside fans and heaters
chain transporting the sticks
all inlet and outlet ventilators changing the drying air, on the top of the dryer
with all inside and outside tubes leading the air system

Chain elevator to the cooler

One floor cooler

Climate regulation each zone separate regulated

Automatic regulation temperature, humidity, air change
The complete system for distribution heating in the different zones
The complete system for pneumatic regulation of the valves changing air
The compressors used for the pneumatic systems of the line

BUNKER 4 floors
Spaghetti sticks for continuous production during 24 hours and packing in an independent time.

Chain elevator to the cutting machine

Cutting machine PAVAN
2x6 rotating knifes to cut spaghetti

Cutting length 260 mm
Milling ventilator milling the cutted ends and bows during cutting
Pneumatic tubes some meters
Vibrator to bring the product to the leading system in front of the doser filling the
Bucket elevator

Repatriation chain
Chain to bring back the sticks from the cutter to the begin of the line for a new hang on spaghetti. Situated under the complete line.

Set sticks
to hang on the spaghetti - approximately 2000 pcs ( all existing)
Profil 12/30 with distance flange 22mm

Complete electric switch board
leading and controlling the production line
included all safety and controlling instruments

Die washing machine CAPITANIO
For long dies 2000 mm

Spare parts:
All existing spare parts who are disposal, not especial named

Bucket elevator to the packing machine CUSINATO
The bucket elevator has a modular construction, for a simple modification if production line and packingmachine are assembled on the same floor
The elevator hastwo outlets one for the Packingmachine Stiavelli
One for the hand made 5 kg packing

Packing machine PAVAN - STIAVELLI
Weigher with a volumetric pre weigher and the main weigher electronic
50 packs per minute
Horizontal packing machine for long cut pasta 260 mm~
Using OPP film, or other hot sealing films, photocell and printer
The machine is ending on the output of the packing machine.

Quality of the line:
cylinder and screw was changed 2011
Overhauling was made 2011

Disassembling , assembling, generally overhauling after discussion.
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