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Long cut pasta line with 1000 Kg/h press Buhler

This line is not a continuos line, it is suitable for all kind of long special pasta.
The production is separated in 2 phasis:
1)Pre-dryer loading
2)Final dryer loading

The following production line, automatic, TPM model, manufacturer "BUHLER" was designed for the normal sizes of pasta and special pasta long, the line consists of:

a) press buhler with potential equal to 1000 Kg / h
b) drying with two overlapping bodies.

The entire production line (drying cycles, recipe management, etc..) Are managed by PLC Pentium-MMX, CPU 702, at 233 MHZ, (SpecView Plus, Version 2, 1996/2003, developed with NT).
The press is equipped with rectangular head for drawing length mt 1.40 motors with variable speed control screws, brand BUHLER spreader apparatus with automatic safety features and accessories, complete with 2500 aluminum rods with a length of mt. 1.50.
The dosing unit is the manufacturer "BUHLER," while the group pre-mixing of raw materials is "STORCI" model of the last generation.
The wrapping, always with a load capacity of BUHLER # 175 reeds around, climate control with temperature probes rotronic interfaced via pc, complete with fans 660 mm diameter from 0.37 Kw each., And pneumatic control system for air .
The lift for the loading of the pasta in the tunnels for drying composed of double chain with pendulums and variable speed motor, micro to the advancement of the product, safety and control.
The dryers are composed of 2 overlapping tunnel for drying the pasta, the structure is laminated panels with thickness 40mm, Brand BUHLER with a load capacity of 1175 barrels each.
Each tunnel and 'with 2 sliding doors for loading and unloading the product, four side doors for the control of the product during the drying cycle, two floors with chain superimposed to the load of the rods by mechanical arms for the transport of 6 reeds at a time from the top floor to the bottom and vice versa, micro security for the chain lock with alarm in case of malfunction, 9 fans 660 mm diameter from 0.37 Kw each with protection grid, drying control system using probes rotronic interfaced with a PC, working temperature up to 90 ° c system with pneumatic control of air exchange and temperature.
The lift for the discharge of the dry product, is composed of double chain full of pendulums and variable speed motor, micro to the advancement of the product, safety and control.
Stripper charger to sink, and overhead, the latter branded "STIAVELLI", model VT-SZ 100, year built 1997, Queens. 36971212, SIAT.
Accompanied by numerous replacement parts
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