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- Condition: U s e d - Guarantee: Not included on price - Year of build: 2006 - Where is: borca di cadore - More informations:
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The pasteurizer PSE40 allows you to extend the life of fresh pasta quickly and easily. The machine reduces the bacterial load by heating the product for the time required, maintaining the correct humidity.

the machine can process up to 40 kg per hour of various products such as stuffed ravioli , tortellini, Cappelletti, but also not filled products as potato dumplings, or Trofie and orechiette.

Hygiene :
The PSE is built entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel , including the conveyor belt. The top cover can be removed to facilitate cleaning operations.

Ease of use :
The machine is equipped with all the components needed to maintain the temperature and the water level will be automatically set . The only connections required are the power line, drinking water to drain off the water . At the end of the treatment cycle is installed a set of fans for the superficial drying of the product. The duration of treatment can be varied simply .
The machine is equipped with a safety device which interrupts the supply of energy in case of lack of water. Every potentially dangerous part is covered with stainless steel panels .

The shape of the treatment chamber , the thermal insulation and the power adjustment ensure optimal management costs .

PRODUCTION kg/h40-80 - lbs / hr 80-160
TAPE: cm 70/27 "1/2
130 x 200 x 120H
51 "x 79" x 47 "1/2
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