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Pasta sheeter Imperia Restaurant Manual - 380

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Spaghetti Ø 2 mm 98€
Capelli d'angelo 1,5 mm 98€
Tagliatelle 2 mm 98€
Trenette 4 mm 98€
Fettuccine 6,5 mm 98€
Lasagnette 12 mm 98€
Reginette 12 mm 98€
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The Imperia Restaurant Manual pasta sheeter is manufactured in Italy with great craftsmanship, is sturdy and built to last. 
Using the accessories of the Imperia (to be purchased separately), you will be able to prepare a vast range of pasta dishes: spaghetti, capelli d'angelo, tagliatelle,
trenette, fettuccine, lasagnette, reginette lasagnette.


Dimensions: mm 220x325x275
Weight: 9,3kg
Roller regulation ranger: 0-5 mm
Maximum width pasta sheet: 210 mm