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  • Dryer Ess400
  • Dryer Ess400
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Condition: U s e d
Guarantee: Not included on price
Year of build: 2015
Where is: Germania
More informations:
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Dryer that allows the wrapping, pre-packaging and drying of short, long and stuffed pasta, as well as the drying of pasteurized pasta before a possible packaging.

Consisting of:

- panels (thickness 60 mm) made of sheet steel painted with hypoallergenic epoxy paints on the external walls and filled with polyurethane foam, which, in addition to greater insulation, offers better soundproofing and greater strength of the whole structure
- electronic control panel with hygrometer and thermostat for automatic regulation of humidity and temperature values
- automatic humidity expulsion
- ventilation system composed of balanced fans, with low production of decibels, heat resistant, with a notable air displacement capacity and equipped with a cyclic clock for the intermittence and the reversal of running of the fans; the air is heated by hot water heat exchanger batteries.
- n. 4 trolleys mounted on teflon swivel castors for easy movement, complete with 31 frames in fir wood or steamed beech, with heat-resistant polyester food mesh for drying short pasta.

Technical data:

Height: 2880 mm
Width: 1940 mm
Depth: 2540 mm
Weight: 850 Kg
Power: 12 KW
Capacity per drying cycle: approx. 400 Kg