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Tortellini cappelletti machine RC140 is a very efficient machine, designed to produce pinched cappelletti in different shapes or to produce single sheet ravioli.
This machine operation is simple and efficient; It is made of anodized aluminuim in its external structure and the parts that is contact with pasta is made of stainless steel. It is equipped with a control panel and it respect all accident prevention regulations in force.


- Weight: 200 kg
- Dimensions mm (AxBxC): 720x1150x1530
- Motor power: 1200 W
- Cappelletti production (according to the shape): da 20 Kg/h a 36 Kg/h
- Ravioli production (according to the shape): da 20 Kg/h a 45 kg/h
- Pasta sheet width: 140mm

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