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Guarantee: 12 months warranty
Where is: Italia

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IMPORTANT: Multipasta is an accessory that cannot work by itself, but it needs to be attached on one of the following machines: P.Nuova, Pidue, P6 o P12

Multipasta group La Monferrina is a multifunction group that can be assembled with various machine models. It produces both double-sheet ravioli and tagliatelle thanks to interchangeable moulds; it also produces gnocchi made with potatoes in various shapes.
It is fitted with an automatic filling regulation system for ravioli and an automatic pasta sheet thickness regulation system for tagliatelle.


Cutting Unit: the cutting unit produces long pasta cut by length and in different sizes by inserting special cutting units. The length is adjustable using a timer. Available sizes: mm 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24 and jagged-edge cuts.

Ravioli unit: it carries, out the production of perfect ravioli strips, in various shapes and with different types of soft fillings made of vegetables, cheese, meat and other kinds of mixed fillings.

Gnocchi unit: it carries out the production gnocchi made of potatoes or made of potatoes flakes in various dimensions and with additional ingredients such a tomatoes or spinaches.

The assembly of all accessories is simple and practical.


Group weight: 21 Kg
Group dimensions (AxBxC): 600x300x500


Pasta sheet width: 170 mm
Ravioli production (according to the machine combined): 20 Kg/h
Tagliatelle production (according to the machine combined): 10/20 Kg/h
Gnocchi production: 15/18 Kg/h

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