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The Gear Box Pillar is suitable for being assembled with all the accessories in our range, including Multipasta with interchangeable moulds for Ravioli and Tagliatelle.
The device is fitted with a mobile button panel.


1- Tagliatelle Unit mm170
Tagliatelle unit produces long pasta in three different sizes: tagliolini (2 mm), tagliatelle (6 mm) and pappardelle (12 mm). Special cuts (1,5-4-8-24 mm) and jagged-edge cuts (12-18-24 mm) are available on request.

2- Ravioli Unit
It carries out the production of perfect ravioli strips, in various shapes and with different types of soft fillings made of vegetables, cheese, meat and other kinds of mixed fillings. It uses pasta sheet mm 170 wide.

3- Press Unit
It carries out the production of all kinds of extruded pasta by simply replacing the extruding die (both bronze and PTFE dies are available: bronze die extrude a rough pasta while PTFE dies extrude a smooth and more transparent pasta). It includes a rotating cutting knife for short pasta.

4- Gnocchi Unit
It carries out the production of gnocchi made of potatoes or made of potatoes flakes in various dimensions and with additional ingredients such as tomatoes or spinaches. The assembly of all the accessories is simple and practical. Some units can also be used in combination with some other machines in our production range.


- Weight: 50 Kg
- Dimensions (AxBxC): 380x500x420 mm
- Motor power: 900 W
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